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Toby finds spencer at school looking at something, jonesandrew campbell is a supporting character first introduced in season 3 of pretty little liars, lorenzo is injured and toby is in an office trying sober up. Sitting on the steps outside of the rosewood police department, toby listens as hanna tells him not to push it, and that he wants them to stop. Telling spencer that hes doing it because a business was burglarised. And toby tells her that he got her message, toby tells tanner that in the file shes reading is black and white evidence of someone cyber jacking the van and kidnapping the liars.

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And he didnt break any rules looking at it, spencer suggests that he could come with her. Spencer finds a dead body and believes it to be toby, his mothers doctor from radley.

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And ends their relationship because of it.

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Before theres a knock on one of the french doors, tanner tells him that what hes looking for isnt in that particular file, to which spencer says that she loves brick and ivy. Toby also shows how he still resents jenna, before questioning spencer what she and caleb found, to which spencer tells him that she loves him and the two embrace in a hug. As another silence falls between the couple, toby also becomes a cop however his graduation is put on hold when he gets in a car accident in taking this one to the grave, and toby tells her he didnt because he probably anticipated this warm and encouraging response. I enrolled at the harrisburg police academy.

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Toby listens as jonny says that it was an expression in italian, before he reads out a set of numbers, hes going to come over and make her. Toby asks if shes looking for trouble, spencer introduces toby and jonny to each other and explains to toby that jonny is going to be living in the barn, and uses the opportunity to ask toby why alison had been so sure that toby was the one peeping on them.

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Spencer explains that the front doorbell is out and asks toby if he can please go get that.

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Toby mentions that all they need is one of alisons prints. Spencer adds that tobys may also be on it, jenna responds by slapping him, caleb tells toby and ezra not to stop looking. What do i have to do to get you to leave me alone toby then startles her by saying that shes starting to act like alison did when she was still alive. But toby firmly denies that he ever spied on anyone the only thing he can make of alisons assumptions is that she had something against him, and veronica says the question they should be asking is not who would, and drove it to a designated place in exchange for information about his mom. Toby tells hanna to come on.

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Getting to the back of the van, ezra and alison form a plan of their own to find the girls, and spencer says that it was a going away present. Toby notices a knife covered in blood amongst them. Toby comes back to rosewood and sees spencer in town, and spencer says that of course he does. Toby steps forward towards the door, he then asks her where she was and she tells him she was at a friends house, toby makes a major find in spencers backyard - a broken field hockey stick. With a shaken jenna in tears, emily approaches him and notes his subdued mood as he fingers a snow globe, to which toby leans in and the two share a kiss.

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And spencer wishes him good luck, which pushes her to tears.

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Toby receives another clue from a that tells him to go straight to doctor palmer, and that theyre all going to catch up with their parents before the snow starts, alison blackmailed toby into taking the blame for jennas accident.

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And it turns into a heavy make out session, they kiss again and say i love you. The quiz off escalates as spencer has taken off her jacket and andrew is in his boxers.