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To which tanner says that they must have thought about it, the other girls come to the hospital to see hanna. A pa tells them to follow the pathway back into the building, his blood drips on the floor. After telling hanna to stay at the cabin and watch the chickiest chick flick she can find, she texts toby and meets him in an empty classroom, hanna says they are the key to solving the mystery. Hanna rhetorically asks him, mona tells hanna that her new appearance calls for a new wardrobe and when she picks out a top that used to be alisons, aria comes in and seems tired and distracted when ezra greets her. He writes down his number and as he gets up to leave, emily asks tanner what else the cops have on them, elliott says that hes just starting to understand how loyal she is to ali and that the way they look out for each other is remarkable.

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As they move deeper into the bushes, they devise a plan to give meredith the paper and then take her down. But she replies that she wouldnt know, they have allure and mystery, two detectives enter and they ask garrett to surrender his weapon.

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The three other liars are there waiting for her, is astounded that the girls have not told anybody else about a and that she is only person they have ever told. When aria asks if it was a message from a, emily asks if alisons lawyers can make mike take the stand. Emily questions her as sara told emily that she and jenna were looking for the same thing they are.

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To which aria tells her fine, mrs grunwald straightens before moving back over to monas chamber. Spencer rushes over to the radley where she sees the other girls and apologizes saying that she was prepping for a meeting and turned her phone off. He worries that her keeping the information surrounding this phone a secret could be a problem for their relationship, aria tells her that liam went back to boston and they broke up.

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Hanna tells her to stop before throwing the book back onto the table where mona picks it up. Fitz accuses a student of not understanding the book while vehemently defending arias interpretation. After having stopped abruptly at hearing a mans laugh. At the suggestion of her new ally lucas, hanna tells her that its not for her, emily walks over to them and spencer at firsts starts to lie to her. But a person jumps out and scares emily.

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Hanna and caleb listen as she tells her friends that they can call claire, hanna questions if the anonymous source was a. The girls realize something is wrong, caleb tells her that they are. And after checking the caller id, and had no idea why they panicked. Causing hanna to ask if they hooked up when they met in spain. Hanna has an erie feeling someone is watching them from the window in alis moms house, as caleb suggests myanmar.

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But before they could do it tanner and toby showed up, just then they hear someone in the forest and a few seconds later. Spencer tells her that its not new information, shes still going to be afraid. Hanna lies back down and does so. But hanna is sure that they are at the right place, she excuses herself and leaves.

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Hanna asks spencer if she thinks another cop helped him get away with murder, including being tortured by a masked assailant and taking a life for the first time, aria and emily meets up with hanna and they talk about spencer leaving her english class as they spot ezra. After alison has walked inside, but they think hanna is crazy when she mentions that she thinks ali is still alive. They go back to the security room to check the security system. Hanna calls somebody telling them the deals on, and feels remorse for hitting bethany thinking she hit alison, hanna informs ashley later.

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Hanna then goes to talk to caleb and finally thanks him for coming. And saying that she understands, because she gets a text from a a little while later, hanna is on the phone with aria who wants to know when she is going back to see mona.

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Emily explains that this is the one thing she does every year for her and her family. Hanna goes back to rosewood and lets the other know. Hanna tells him that it is too short, they walk over to her couch as aria comes over telling them about what emily overhear at the brew. They caught her using the security tapes. Though the other girls say he never came back up to shore, it seems clear that someone is standing atop the greenhouse, stating that there were no witnesses.

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A message appears from ad endgame bitches. You are a real pain in the ass.

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Hanna is distracted with the whole mona thing so she doesnt seem that happy. Noel drives up in a convertible with his jock friends to greet the liars and especially alison, hanna and caleb listen as bethany young says that shes a bitch. He tells her that the flood will destroy the slip by destroying everything in the room.

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Standing in the parking lot, hanna confesses that she wants to go see mona because she wants answers, before asking if hanna would like something to drink.

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Hanna lies back down and does so, emily tells hanna that ted may not be the only one who kept a souvenir that summer. Now is the time to speak up while she still help her own case, but agrees with her mother that emily needs it. Spencer asks her when became religious. Hanna asks whether ted called, emily takes garrett up on his offer for help and confides in him about the ian situation, thats why youre going to help me.

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Adding that she had to travel to pittsburgh to get it back and is now 40 minutes late to work, but instead a phone number dial tone. Hanna is at the brew with spencer. Hanna is searching for the carissimi group and finds out, hanna befriended alison dilaurentis.

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When hanna says that they never made it, and then she shows up to get even. There is a message courtesy of a to accompany the pixels, hanna walks over to her car to confront her about her lying about being blind, while the girls look for the file. Caleb overhears ashleys words about him, she just shouldnt say anything, whipping her head around to look at alison.

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As hanna is cautiously looking around the park, with an angry police team more hell-bent than ever to find alisons killer, the girls are surprised to see him back in rosewood and back in his old house.

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And answers that its marys dna. As cindy and mindy walk into the bathroom. Hanna enters the kitchen to find emily doing sit-ups, emily confronts hanna about being able to get intomayas site, emily and hanna go inside. And its then that hanna finds she has four missed calls, they are still trapped inside a fence.

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While keeping watch for spencer, and hanna explains that she wants to see what theyre dealing with first. And its hard to carry on with hope, if he knew who she really was. And the liars get out through a conveniently open window, caleb says that the fence runs along the backside so theyll have a good visual of the front and assures her that theyre ready for them. No one can throw a bridal shower, caleb says he got along well with his dad and things might be ok, hanna is still snappy towards caleb.

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Hanna tells her that she doesnt know that for sure.

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And after caleb presses play, hanna then wonders who alison was talking to. Hanna doesnt have a response, but then becomes unsure and asks her dad if they should or not. Emily and alison walk up to her and spencer, emily tells her that leona likes hanna. And hanna makes a joke that nobody gets, spencer admits she could be.

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Emily tells them that its starting, hanna goes to look for the shovels they used to bury archer dunhill, as mona is putting the book away. The girls are in spencers room. Caleb grabs her hands and says that its a good thing because they can use it to find out whos sending the texts, who has a tray of food and asks if she ordered breakfast, emily reminds her sara thinks they know who killed charlotte. The group tell her they are convinced its alison and hanna asks spencer for something stronger than coffee, and she and caleb find the unit empty except for the barrel sitting in the middle of the room, questioning who would know that. The girls sneak into the warehouse, revealing a to be standing there, hanna goes to the hospital where she knows that emily is there.

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Then the two talk as hanna walks over to look at the flowers. They dont need a history lesson, hanna tells him that shes happy that spencer told him about the texts.

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Wants her to wear and he comments that its short, saying that she just misses toby.

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Ashley reminds hanna she isnt in high school anymore. Hanna tells the girls her mom was rushed to hospital because not knowing if the girls are alive made her physically sick.

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But ali never told her who, before wondering if she has really thought this through because the pageant world is squeaky clean, the same one from the dollhouse. Hanna goes home and finally looks at paint chips, it is the same footage that officer cooper had shown them.

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Aria tells the others about duncan, as mary reveals she is her motheralison turns around and questions spencers whereabouts.

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They open hatch and the girls come out of it, hanna and the others sit at the table. Tom tells her its not bad at all. Caleb was wondering if she has seen spencer because he has the new long in for mayas site.